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Eat Better.
Eat Less.
Lose Weight!
Attain your goals with the natural power of CraveBlocker.®
The power to attain
your goals.
Attain with revolutionary, natural CraveBlocker® helps stop cravings at both critical sources, putting you back in control. You can manage your weight without feeling hungry all the time. Without getting irritable. Without depriving your body of the nutrition it needs. Controlling cravings is an essential part of losing weight—and keeping it off for good.
Why are so many people overweight?
Modern lifestyles have created the perfect storm against people’s metabolisms. Sedentary lifestyles combined with easily obtained, high-calorie processed foods mean people move less and eat more than our ancestors—and that means people pack on the pounds. Most adults know they must reverse that pattern to lose weight. But hunger cravings can derail weight loss efforts.
Extra pounds put undue stress on just about every system of the body, including the digestive, skeletal, and cardiovascular systems. This stress often manifests itself in illness such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer.
Few images illustrate the impact extra weight has on the body better than comparitive body scans. These computer-colored magnetic resonance tomography scans reveal the dramatic differences in body composition between two women of approximately the same height.
The 2 sources of hunger:
The brain and stomach.
Attain Bars and Shakes with CraveBlocker® help control hunger and cravings better by satisfying both the brain and stomach—a holistic approach that popular diets overlook. Attain’s secret is using natural ingredients that work with your body—not against it—to put you in control of both sources of cravings.
Signals the Brain

Whey protein isolate:
A highly purified natural dairy protein, whey protein isolates fight cravings in the brain by promoting the release of cholecystokinin (CCK), the hormone that tells your brain to turn off hunger cravings.

Potato enzyme extract:
A naturally occurring enzyme found in white potatoes, this enzyme has been clinically proven to increase CCK levels, satisfying your brain and controlling your emotional and mental cravings.

Satisfies the Stomach

Naturally derived from oat bran fiber, beta-glucan swells in your stomach and slows the stomach’s emptying process, which prolongs the absorption of energy from food---and reduces the absorption of fat. It creates a lasting physical feeling of fullness.

Derived from the chicory root or Jerusalem artichoke, this soluble fiber expands in the stomach and slows the stomach’s emptying process, helping you feel fuller longer.

The Attain Family.
Powered by Melaleuca’s CraveBlocker formula, Attain Attain helps you control hunger cravings both in your stomach and your brain—so you can make smarter mealtime choices and feel satisfied on fewer calories.
Attain Bars
& Attain Shakes
Two delicious ways to manage your weight.


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