GC Control Shake


Get in control of your:

  • Author Defined Junk Food Cravings
  • Author Defined Energy Level
  • Author Defined Weight

Take GC Control once or twice a day between meals and feel the difference.

GC Control is a one-of-a-kind, low-sugar, delicious shake that’s specially formulated to put you in control of your junk food cravings, energy levels, and weight management efforts.


Author Defined Author Defined
  • 130
  • 5g
    Total fat
  • 1g
  • 3g
  • 12g
    net carbs
  • 10g
French Vanilla Shake

The Clinical Test:

In a 56-day study, subjects reported feeling significantly better in several areas including; more energy, less fatigue, and reduced appetite.

Study participants also saw significant changes in four key areas of blood sugar support:

  • Support balanced glucose uptake and metabolism in healthy individuals

  • Support normal insulin activity in healthy individuals

  • Slow the absorption of high glycemic foods

  • Author Defined

    Promote proper carbohydrate metabolism

Specially Formulated Ingredient Blend

  • cinnamo--2x
    Cinnamon Bark Extract

    Helps support healthy glucose metbolism.

  • sweet-potato--2x
    Sweet Potato Extract

    Helps support healthy fasting blood glucose.

  • green-tea--2x
    Green Tea Leaf Extract

    Promotes healthy insulin activity.

  • protein--2x

    Helps keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

  • chromium--2x

    Necessary for proper carbohydrate metabolism.

  • koren-red--2x
    Koren Red Ginseng Root

    Helps support balanced glucose uptake.

  • mulberry--2x
    Mulberry Extract

    Helps lower glycemic index of food.

What puts you in FAT‑STORAGE mode?

  • cupcake2--2x 
    You eat sugary foods, blood sugar rises and triggers an insulin release.
  • oilcan--2x 
    Insulin tells your body to store fat instead of using it.
  • handdown--2x 
    Losing weight becomes very difficult.

What puts you in FAT‑REDUCTION mode?

  • scale icon
    Blood sugar levels stay balanced.
  • runner2--2x 
    Healthy insulin levels allow your body to use fat.
  • waist2--2x 
    Your weight loss efforts are optimized. Weight loss is easier.


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