Proflex Protein Shake: Vanilla
Proflex Protein Shake: Vanilla


Fuel a Healthy Lifestyle!

Protein has a lot of uses in your body. Not only is it a key component of muscle growth but it is also critical for maintaining a healthy weight and controlling food cravings. Your body is constantly breaking down its protein to use as fuel during your daily activities. That's why you need to replenish that protein throughout your day.

Proflex Protein Shakes deliver great-tasting, creamy protein to help fuel cells and maintain and improve body weight! This delicious vanilla bean shake mix contains 20 grams of protein with all nine essential amino acids in each serving.

Proflex Protein Shake: Vanilla

Protein: The Building Blocks of Life

Proteins are the essential building blocks of your body. They support many key functions inside and outside your body, including proper physical structure, molecule movement, and muscle contraction. Every organ, muscle, bone, and enzyme in your body is composed of proteins!

These proteins constantly need repair and replacement. That's why you need a continual supply of amino acids in your daily diet. You can get those amino acids from foods high in protein, such as meat, poultry, fish, beans, nuts, eggs, and dairy products.

Drinking Proflex Shakes is a delicious and convenient way to supply your body with the protein it needs to fuel a healthy daily lifestyle.

How Much Protein
Do You Need Daily?

Multiply your weight in KG by the number below based on your age:

Under 50: 0.84 g x your weight
Over 50: 0.99 g x your weight

For example, someone under 50 who weighs 57 KGs should consume almost 48 g of protein daily.

One serving of a Proflex Protein Shake provides more than 40% of the total amount needed.

Protein's Role in Weight Management

Protein also plays a key role in weight loss. It helps your body feel fuller, which helps reduce the total intake of calories. Protein also helps to keep your metabolism burning, which helps to burn up stored fat through activity and release it as energy.

Proflex Protein Shakes deliver great-tasting, creamy protein to help fuel cells and maintain and improve body weight!

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Mix it, blend it, or shake it into smoothies, milkshakes, pancakes, brownies, and more!

Get the Most from Your Protein

  • ● 20 g of whey and casein protein in every serving
  • ● Promotes muscle recovery and growth
  • ● Appetite reduction and control
  • ● Lean protein and amino acids to enhance strength and muscle performance

Consistency Is Key

Studies show that regular exercise combined with a high-quality protein can fuel your body’s natural recovery and muscle-growth processes and give you benefits you’ll enjoy for the long term. Enjoy Proflex Shakes daily to get the protein you want each day and power your body toward your goals!

Each canister contains 14 servings. Mix one serving with 237mL of water for 20 g of protein.

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