Tub & Tile Mixing Spray Bottle


BATHROOM FIXTURES - Don’t forget to clean the fixtures! Use Tub & Tile on faucets, showerheads, towel bars, and more.

SINKS - From the bathroom to the kitchen, make your sinks sparkle with the natural power of Tub & Tile.

HARD WATER ON WINDOWS - Outdoor windows build up daunting water spots. Attack these hard water stains with Tub & Tile.

TOLIETS - Hate cleaning the toilet? Tub & Tile packs a potent, porcelain-cleaning punch!

SHOWERS/SHOWERHEADS - Nowhere gets splashed with water and grime more than the shower—and nothing cleans showers better than Tub & Tile.

TILE FLOORS - What could be better for cleaning a tile floor than a tile cleaner? Try mopping with Tub & Tile.

TUBS - Tubs are magnets for hard water buildup and soap scum—stains easily removed with Tub & Tile.



With long-lasting foam and a fresh, citrus fragrance, Tub & Tile naturally melts away tough soap scum and hard water stains. Tub & Tile gives you even more cleaning power against hard water and bathroom grime. You'll get a spotless bathroom while saving time, effort, and money.

With its NEW 12x concentration formula, one 237ml concentrate makes six mixing bottles.


Melaleuca is proud of our careful ingredient choices that provide safer, effective, environmentally responsible products. We want our customers to feel confident the products they invite into their home do not contain any harsh or toxic chemicals, and that they are powered by plant-derived or natural ingredients. 


EcoSense is proud to display our commitment to biodegradable, environmentally responsible ingredients

NO: Chlorine Bleach, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Toxic Chemicals


Fragrance: Lemon & Tangerine
Made with PURE™ Orange and Grapefruit Essential Oil

New 12x 8 fl. oz. bottle

Previous 6x
473ml bottle

6 ready-to-use bottles
2838ml total


Don't forget to add a mixing
spray bottle.

*Do not use on natural marble, stone, colored grout, or antique, brass, or acrylic surfaces.


  • LESS water
  • LESS plastic
  • LESS fuel to ship

Our unprecedented formulas are created with state-of-the-art manufacturing, using a careful, scientific selection of ingredients, eliminating unnecessary water.

Better For Your Environment

Rest assured that when you keep Tub & Tile handy, you’re not keeping chlorine bleach, ammonia, or harsh fumes around, and you’re not touching your surfaces with abrasives either. With its biodegradable cleaning agents, Tub & Tile will reduce your impact on the environment by reducing plastic and fuel used. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the bathroom cleaner you are using is safer for your family.

  • No chlorine
  • No ammonia
  • No harsh fumes


Products like Tub & Tile are built on 5 core values that ultimately benefit you, your family, and your future.

Core Value 1

Safer for your home.

Citric and Glycolic Acids are all-natural, highly renewable, and biodegradable, so they don’t poison streams and rivers as they go down the drain. No toxic fumes. They don’t require scary warnings on the label. They’re as harmless as cutting open a lemon and rubbing it on your tub.

There’s no need for safety equipment or harsh, caustic chemicals when cleaning with Tub & Tile.

Core Value 2

Highly effective.

Tub & Tile combines citric and glycolic acids with a readily biodegradable solvent and readily biodegradable cleaning agents to rid your bathroom of hard water stains and soap scum in a quick, 3-step process.

1. Citric and glycolic acids undo the reaction between soap and calcium deposits that creates soap scum, isolating calcium minerals and transforming hard, scaly scum into a soft fatty acid
2. The lipophilic solvent penetrates the fatty acid, loosening its hold on the tub.
3. The surfactants remove the soap scum and wash it completely away.

Since Tub & Tile removes the food source of bacteria and mildew, your bathroom is truly clean.

Core Value 3

The power of nature in every bottle.

Melaleuca scientists harnessed the power of nature and put it into the best bathroom cleaner on the market—Melaleuca’s Tub & Tile. When you use Tub & Tile, you’re using the power of 20 lemons to safely melt away soap scum, limescale, and hard water stains.

Core Value 4

Helping the environment—one bottle at a time.

Tub & Tile comes in a small bottle that makes a big difference. Our concentrated formula is mixed in and sprayed from a reusable spray bottle. When you consider that it takes 6 bottles of Brand L to equal 1 bottle of Tub & Tile, you can imagine how much plastic Tub & Tile users save the planet. In fact, if all of North American Brand L users switched to Tub & Tile, we’d eliminate 325,544 pounds of plastic each year.

Core Value 5

A better value.

In true Melaleuca fashion, Tub & Tile is 12–times concentrated save you money. And because we’ll sell our products in a very concentrated form, they are affordable and cost less than the cheap, dangerous products our competitors sell.

One concentrate bottle of Tub & Tile makes 2,838ml of cleaner and only costs $11.50. For the same amount of cleaner, you’d have to buy 6 bottles of Brand L. And they would charge you $32.40 for those 6 bottles.


We are very proud to compare Tub & Tile with national grocery store brands.

Comparison chart of bathroom cleaner products
Effectively cleans soap scum Effectively cleans hard water deposits Does NOT require masks and gloves Safe, nontoxic ingredients Powered by natural ingredients Concentrated formula Less than 10¢ per fluid ounce
tub-tile-product YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
tub-tile-lime-away-product YES YES NO NO NO NO NO
spray-bottle-of-tilex-product YES YES NO NO NO NO NO
spray-bottle-of-greenworks-product YES NO YES YES YES NO NO


The killer in your cupboard.

Bleach is a common product in many homes. In fact, many people equate the familiar smell of bleach with the smell of “clean.” That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Bleach is caustic.
Dangerous. Deadly.

Not recommended for use by persons with heart conditions or chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, emphysema or obstructive lung disease.


• It’s harmful or fatal if swallowed.

• A child-resistant cap is required on every bottle to keep children from being poisoned.

• Bleach can permanently damage skin.

• Bleach attacks the membranes in your respiratory system, which can lead to permanent lung damage.

• Toxic gas is formed when bleach is mixed with other cleaning products.

• Every day, an average of 109 calls are received by North America Poison Control Centers regarding bleach exposure.

• You would never invite a rattlesnake or black widow spider into your home. Yet in the last 10 years, as many people have died from chlorine bleach poisoning as from rattlesnake and spider bites combined.

Glycolic Acid: The power of sugar.

Tub & Tile also harnesses the power of glycolic acid, a second all-natural acid, which is derived from natural sugars found in sugar cane, sugar beets, and pineapple. The same amazing cleaning power of all-natural citric acid with the addition of all-natural glycolic acid gives you even more cleaning power against hard water and bathroom grime. This powerful ingredient delivers again on the promise of an effective and powerful yet safe cleaner.

The citric acid that goes into each bottle of Tub & Tile takes over 100 hours to make, including 35 hours spent on filtering alone.

Citric Acid: The answer was growing on trees.

Who would've thought the ultimate enemy of hard water and soap scum could be found in a citrus grove? A perfect solution provided straight from nature, lemons have a natural ability to remove hard water deposits and literally melt away soap scum.


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